Our Company

 Thamaruk Auto Parts Company Limited, established in 1996, is a manufacturer of parts for engines, chassis, and internal components for the automotive industry. Additionally, we employ metal forming processes to produce parts for the external structure of the automotive and home appliance industries.

     Thamaruk Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. (Head Office) Address 27/7 Moo.6 Bangkanak Sub-district Bangnampriao District Chachoengsao Province 24150

     Branch 1 Address 79 Moo.8 Bangkanak Sub-district Bangnampriao District Chachoengsao Province 24150

     We are committed to creating customer satisfaction by producing high-quality products, ensuring punctual delivery at appropriate costs in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and IATF 16949:2016. Additionally, we place great importance on environmental issues and their potential impacts within the company or nearby communities. We operate in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 system to address these concerns.

Management of Thamaruk Auto Parts Co.,Ltd


Mr.Chanchai Wisitkamolwanich

Senior Vice-Chairman

Ms. Tubtim Wisitkamolwanich


Mr. Chalit Wisitkamolwanich

Managing Director

Mr. Thamaruk Wisitkamolwanich

Registered Capital

10 Millions Baht

Start Date

26th February 1996

Products and Services

Automotive parts

External structure of home appliance

Powder coating with Sprayline system

Company Area

Head Office 73,600 Sq.m. (46 rais)

Branch 1 16,000 Sq.m. (10 rais)

Total Area 89,600 Sq.m. (56 rais)

Quality Policy

commit to improve and maintain total quality & delivery beyond customers' expectation

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

The company has established a management system based on the following quality policy:

  1. Create customer satisfaction by instilling a sense of responsibility in every operational process.
  2. Develop a quality management system to produce high-quality work, delivered on time at a reasonable cost, and foster continuous improvement and development.
  3. Study and analyze work processes for effectiveness and efficiency, considering opportunities for improvement to appropriately reduce various risks.
  4. Support and encourage employees at all levels to have a thorough awareness and consciousness of quality.
  5. Communicate the quality policy to all involved parties, both internally and externally, including stakeholders at all relevant levels.

Environmental Management System

The company has established an environmental management system based on the following environmental policy:

  1. Strictly comply with environmental laws and other requirements.
  2. Control waste and minimize the wasteful use of energy and resources within the company by optimizing activities related to the production process.
  3. Continuously study and analyze environmental issues and focus on pollution prevention throughout the production process, aiming for ongoing improvement.
  4. Foster environmental awareness among employees at all levels, motivating them to adhere to the company's rules, orders, and measures.
  5. Provide advice and engage in public relations, ensuring thorough communication of the environmental policy to the public.
  6. Every employee is responsible for adhering to the environmental policy and collaborating on various project activities related to the implementation of the environmental management system.
  7. External parties interacting with the company are obligated to comply with the environmental systems, orders, or measures established by the company.
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