Thamaruk Auto Parts Company Limited

established in 1996, is a manufacturer of parts for engines, chassis, and internal components for the automotive industry. Additionally, we employ metal forming processes to produce parts for the external structure of the automotive and home appliance industries.


Being a leading auto parts manufacturer, delivering high standard products and service to customers


For customers

Delivering utmost customer satisfaction through an exemplary management system and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, employing a quality management system that ensures both punctual delivery and affordability.

For Community

Engaging in enhancing the life quality within the community and carefully considering the environmental impact of our actions and striving to aid those who are underprivileged.

For Employees

Supporting and promoting the development of employees' potential as well as striving to cultivate strong corporate values and conscience. Our commitment extends to enhancing the quality of life for our employees and fostering stronger bonds within the organization.


Team Work


Positive Thinking

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